Our MiRIS model

Energy Management System by John Cockerill

MiRIS: an innovative microgrid based at our headquarters
in Seraing, Belgium

MiRiS is an electrical microgrid project combining renewable energy production with battery storage. The particularity of MiRIS, which makes it a unique project in Europe, is the diversity of its battery storage systems and the extensive flexibility of the various electrical network configurations allowed by the system. Currently MiRIS produces green energy from a 2 MW photovoltaic system rooftop mounted on John Cockerill’s headquarters workshops. The storage capacities include four different technologies, totaling 2.5 MW of power and 4 MWh of energy capacity.

The system is connected to a power grid that can replicate different configurations: grid-connected, island mode or weak/failed grids. The system is controlled by an intelligent software developed by John Cockerill. Precise measurements, collected through a secure and efficient communication system, allow real-time monitoring of the equipment. Computer algorithms and forecasting models optimize the energy flows exchanged between renewable production, battery, consumption site and the electrical grid, to which the excess energy is sold. Launched in 2018, John Cockerill’s MiRIS project powers the Group’s headquarters with renewable electricity and helps decarbonize John Cockerill’s large vehicle fleet.

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