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Our clients are our partners. Our experienced specialists stand at your side to analyze the issues you encounter with your heat recovery boilers, inspect your equipment, make assessments, propose technical solutions, engineer new parts for repairing or upgrading the boilers. John Cockerill also takes in charge procurement, transport of new parts, erection on site and commissioning. We are able to take in charge all the phases of a an upgrade, of a repair or a modernization.

Custom Made Technical Services

  • Boiler inspections with a view to a diagnostic and a suitable action plan;
  • Remaining Life Time Analysis;
  • Dry cleaning of boilers to improve their efficiency and avoid all risks of corrosion or tube damage;
  • Life time assessment of your boilers;
  • Supervision of repairs and upgrades;
  • Construction of parts;
  • Commissioning of the works on-site

A durable approach to maintain your equipment in good working condtions

  • Re-engineering of old or damaged parts of heat recovery boilers of all brands;
  • Improvement of pressure parts to mitigate recurrent faults observed on steam generators of all brands;
  • Engineering and assembly of specific equipment for HRSGs in operation (addition of SCR, burners, lifts, sootblowers, …);
  • Upgrade of HRSGs, process modifications, thermal performance calculations, feasibility studies, etc;
  • Seismic calculation;
  • Pipework flexibility and resistance calculations;
  • Supply of spare parts and replacement of original spare parts;
Energy After Sales

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