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We offer integrated low-carbon solutions, in particular for the non-intermittent, dispatchable and flexible generation of renewable electricity, heat and cold.

Through our strong legacy and unique knowledge in advanced thermal cycle engineering, we have become a recognized expert in large scale Concentrated Solar Power Plants (CSP), a technology allowing renewable production on a stable basis, night and day, thanks to its ability to store large quantities of energy in a cost-efficient way.
Our key strengths lie in the mastery of thermal energy, with such heat transfer fluids as molten salts or solid particles, allowing recovery, production and storage of energy.
A technology mastery supporting energy transition challenges such as hard to abate CO2 emissions in industrial sectors, new generation of base load energy production thanks to the promising small modular reactors (SMR) technology or the use of carnot battery technology, whilst avoiding stranded assets with the retrofit of existing coal assets.

In line with our commitment to continuous innovation, we are currently intensifying the development of next generation storage, modularity, hybridization and H2 coupling, as well as participating in renewable energy programs involving very high temperature heat generation, supercritical CO2 and solid particles storage.

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