Heat Recovery Steam Generators

750 John Cockerill HRSG's installed worldwide

Heat recovery steam generators

Reliability, performance, cost optimization

Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) are a key element in the energy performance of power plants. John Cockerill’s know-how as a designer and supplier of HRSGs has been recognized worldwide for more than 50 years. Our technologies and innovative solutions   allow electricity cost reduction, increase the performance and reliability of power stations and reduce emssions.

Innovations to meet your economic and ecological challenges

Our teams are attentive to the evolving needs of our customers. In addition to meeting your economic requirements, John Cockerill’s solutions meet your environmental challenges, notably by reducing NOx and CO emissions and by daring to combine with equipment based on renewable resources, such as green hydrogen. Hydrogen is increasingly positioning itself as an alternative fuel to natural gas. The evolutionary design of our steam generators allows them to be already adapted to these new generation turbines. Our teams continue to invest in future developments alongside turbine manufacturers.

Solutions adapted to the requirements of each project

Our HRSGs operate in combined gas-steam, solar thermal or cogeneration cycles. They are particularly suited for cycling operationswith frequent start-ups and shut-downs. They We master both vertical and horizontal flow HRSG technologies. Our boilers can be installed behind gas turbines of any power rating: from 25 MW ISO to 500+ MW ISO; of any brand: GE, MHPS, Ansaldo, Siemens and others; burning any type of fuel: natural gas, refinery gas, synthetic gas, green hydrogen and light and heavy crude oils. Our teams work alongside you to develop and provide, together, solutions and services adapted to the requirements of each new project, and also any reconditioning of existing sites or any kind of maintenance, upgrade and repair projects for boilers of all brands. Click here for further information on our Aftersales Services! 

Custom-made equipment

John Cockerill Energy can also design or propose  specific equipment  according to clients needs: additional combustion burners, degassing tarpaulins, SCR, CO catalysts for NOx reduction, boiler building, auxiliary systems, soot blowers, combustion air fans, combustion gas bypass equipment, …

In the American market, John Cockerill Energy has its own specialised workshop, expert in the manufacture and maintenance of very high temperature heat exchangers and pressure parts.

Available files

Brochure HRSG

HRSG Reference List

Case Study - HRSG Besmaya III

Case Study - HRSG Bouchain

Case Study - HRSG Grati II

Case Study - HRSG Hamitabat

Case Study - HRSG Martigues

Case Study - HRSG Rompetrol

Case Study - HRSG Shoaiba

Case Study - HRSG Sousse D

Case Study - HRSG Tashkent

Case Study - HRSG Termocandelaria

Case Study - HRSG Topolobampo

Brochure Once Through Boiler

Brochure Once Through Boiler - West Africa Project

Case Study - HRSG Flémalle

Case Study - HRSG Keppel

Heat recovery steam generators

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