Heat Recovery Steam Generators

750 John Cockerill HRSG's installed worldwide

Heat recovery steam generators

Reliability, Cost Optimization, Energy Transition

In 2023, John Cockerill was ranked first independent world supplier of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) as technology owner in terms of MW. This know-how as HRSG designer has been recognized worldwide for nearly 60 years.  

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) are a key element in the energy performance of power plants. For nearly 60 years, John Cockerill has been working on technology improvements and innovations ed so as to reduce electricity costs, increase the performance and reliability of power stations, and reduce emissions.

John Cockerill’s strength relies in offering turnkey solutions to enable power producers produce massive amounts of energy during peak time, i.e., when the network is under stress, typically when electricity consumption is higher than the production. Our technology is an excellent way of supporting the energy transition, peak units being the perfect ally to compensate the intermittency of renewable energies. 

 Innovations to Meet the Ecological Needs of our Time

Market needs and requirements are constantly evolving. In addition to meeting economic requirements, John Cockerill’s solutions meet environmental challenges, notably by reducing NOx emissions and combining equipment based on renewable resources, such as green hydrogen, that positions itself as an alternative to natural gas. Our engineers can propose a design allowing our boilers to be already adapted to the new hydrogen-ready turbines. Our teams continue to invest in R&D and innovation alongside turbine manufacturers. 

Available files

Brochure HRSG

HRSG Reference List

Case Study - HRSG Besmaya III

Case Study - HRSG Bouchain

Case Study - HRSG Grati II

Case Study - HRSG Hamitabat

Case Study - HRSG Martigues

Case Study - HRSG Rompetrol

Case Study - HRSG Shoaiba

Case Study - HRSG Sousse D

Case Study - HRSG Tashkent

Case Study - HRSG Termocandelaria

Case Study - HRSG Topolobampo

Brochure Once Through Boiler

Brochure Once Through Boiler - West Africa Project

Case Study - HRSG Flémalle

Case Study - HRSG Keppel

Case Study - Nehuenco

Heat recovery steam generators

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