Thermal treatment of solids

minerals, biomass, waste, sludge

Thermal treatment of solids

‘The Nesa Solution®’ is active in the field of environmental solutions. Nesa, specialized in thermal processes, owns and operates a pilot plant where the processes of customers can be developed, confirmed and refined.

Over the course of the past 35 years, Nesa has developed numerous thermal treatment processes derived from the same general concept:

  • Multiple hearth furnace (MHF),
  • Vertical shaft kilns (VSK).

The MHF in particular enables the time of passage, the temperature profile and the atmosphere on each hearth (or at each level) of the thermal reactor to be controlled with high precision. This is an enormous advantage of the MHF compared to other more classic oven types.

One of the leaders in multiple hearth furnaces designed using ‘Nichols Herreshoff’ technology since 1968, The Nesa Solution®, provides a full set of thermal solutions in the very varied fields pyrolysis, incineration and combustion, calcination of industrial minerals, regeneration of activated carbon, carbonization or activation of carbon or biomass, mineral concentrates screening, roasting of wood or of biomass…

And because the preservation of natural resources is essential in our eyes, we also offer multiple technical solutions enabling energy to be recovered during the thermal treatment of waste, of sludge and of industrial and municipal residues.

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