A Group of Entrepreneurs

A compendium of talents…

John Cockerill includes 6130 employees committed to their customers and their projects, including a stable base of some 10% temporary employees who strengthen our teams on a daily basis to absorb the peaks in activity.

Among these are 33% workers and 67% staff, all sharing the same passion for technology and projects. The transversal management of the professions by generic base (about sixty for the entire Group) spotlights individual specialties in many disciplines.

…from all walks of life

The John Cockerill teams include women and men of 51 different nationalities working on every continent. They represent all generations: 30% of them are under 35 years of age, 28% are over 50, with an average age of 41.

There are 16% women, over half of whom have been recruited during the last five years. A testimony to the effort of diversification in technical activities traditionally considered masculine!

This diversity of statuses, cultures, professions and specialties allows our talents to strengthen and mutually enrich each other. Stronger together, they develop in response to the projects and their personal aspirations while each contributing to providing responses to the needs of their customers and of contemporary society.

…all driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of John Cockerill

Innovating faster, higher, stronger… They have all decided to commit themselves to meeting the challenges of the Group. They are open to the world that surrounds them, they seek to develop, they like to innovate, and they appreciate diversity, whether technical or cultural. And above all, they are all driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that comes to life in small teams on a human scale.

To kindle this spirit and allow its teams to generate a profusion of ideas, John Cockerill has built up its Innovation Platform and even developed its own incubator for start-ups. Bootcamps for the proliferation of ideas, Incubation to materialize the idea in a business plan, Acceleration to go from the business plan to economic activity … In 2018, the internal start-up phase allowed four start-ups to be created! A way to sow the seeds of growth.

…and whose safety matters to John Cockerill

In the John Cockerill Group, talents are the central focus, especially in terms of health and safety. We have in fact reduced the accident rate by 12% between 2017 and 2018, with three lost-time accidents per one million hours worked. In other words, one accident per person every… 191 years! A more than respectable result compared to that of the average business, but we still consider it unsatisfactory. Our objective is zero accidents.