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energy system on the MiRIS building

We offer and install at your premises an integrated energy system that can comprise photovoltaic panels, storage batteries, charging stations for electric vehicles, all these managed by our intelligent management and control system, our in-house developed Energy Management System.

We offer:

– Off-grid solutions
– On-grid solutions
– Energy storage
– Green heat
– Services

Our solutions allow you to:

– Provide reliable and dispatchable electricity
– Provide reliable and dispatchable green heat
– Convert your fossil assets into renewable solutions
– Produce and store the energy produced for the purpose of load shedding or smoothing electricity consumption
– Generate injection / offtake capacities on the network
– Manage the system and optimize its use according to consumption forecasts as well as economic and meteorological parameters

Your benefits:

– You decarbonize your activities
– You reduce your dependency towards fossil fuels
– You drive sustainable growth
– You produce and consume your own electricity
– You meet the climate goals
– You participate in the services to the electricity network. In doing so, you can bring stability and balance to the electricity network according to the power supply and demand.
– Your power production can be redistributed to the grid in case of production surplus
– You contribute to reduce the production intermittence linked to renewable energies
– You increase your revenues by adding services to the network
– You reduce your energy bills

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