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Industrial water treatment

Water is a precious resource and at John Cockerill we do all in our power to protect it. Our knowledge and expertise of water allows us to meet all the needs of public authorities and industries with a constant adaptation to local regulatory and economic constraints.

In a world undergoing constant evolution, new regulations are coming into force all the time, bringing in a new set of constraints. This is why our experts in water, John Cockerill Balteau and John Cockerill Proserpol, put all their experience and talent at your service to offer complete, innovative, tailor-made solutions at the service of environmental performance:

  1. Drinking water: our solutions enable you to collect water from its natural environment and treat it to make it drinkable (groundwater, surface water and seawater).
  2. Process water: the water treatment is tailored to your needs and market requirements (de-mineralized water, iron-removed water, etc.).
  3. Waste water: we treat waste water (domestic and industrial wastewater, and sometimes rainwater) via a waste water treatment plant according to a multiple stage process. The objective is in order to return clean water to the natural environment or for reuse (watering, irrigation or industrial processes).
  4. Recycling of sewage sludge: waste water treatment from the treatment plant often produces liquid sludge. We offer treatment solutions for transforming the liquid sludge into a product of agricultural (compost) or energy value (biogas, cogeneration, methane fermentation etc.).
  5. Preventive and curative services of industrial and commercial facilities: our wide range of treatment products and innovative solutions helps treat the general problems associated with water, such as corrosion, deposit formation (tartar, sludge), legionella and foam.

From design to commissioning, our John Cockerill Environment teams work closely with our customers to offer them  treatment solutions with optimized investment and operating costs while meeting discharge standards.

Public bodies and industrialists from all sectors of activity (fine and heavy chemicals, the metal industry, electroplating, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, electronics etc.)… Our services are addressed to all, and cover both new and existing infrastructures.

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