Improving performance for a sustainable industry

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With industry always keen to take advantage of the latest technological developments without negatively affecting life on Earth, John Cockerill endeavours to improve the performance of production facilities and infrastructures whilst also making them more resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly. The John Cockerill Industry offering comprises the following:

Our considerable experience in the fields of engineering, international project management and sourcing enable us to provide innovative and global solutions tailored to your needs for comprehensive industrial complexes, specific equipment and technical solutions. We operate all over the world and can oversee your equipment right throughout its lifespan, from its design and setup right through to its transformation and upgrading, all the while striving to minimize downtime.

John Cockerill Industry offers a whole host of tailored after-sales services and spare parts, not to mention helping you to improve the performance of your facilities by providing various training courses, expert services and remote support.

John Cockerill Industry has branches in North America, Germany, Belgium, China, Finland, France, India and Russia and benefits from the global geographic footprint of the John Cockerill Group.

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