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In collaboration with its partner company AUSAR Energy (Lyon, France), from which John Cockerill acquired the majority of the shares in 2022, John Cockerill Energy develops and deploys microgrids in isolated regions of the world, and helps deliver carbon-free, price-competitive and reliable energy, especially in isolated regions such as in Africa, for off-grid areas and industries, where most of the power is produced by diesel generators and where grid stability is often an issue.

We adapt our offer to your needs in combining:

  • photovoltaics panels
  • battery storage
  • gensets
  • the heart of the installation, our Energy Management System (EMS), a unique intelligent management system developed by our Belgian engineers

This incredibly powerful tool optimizes microgrid operations according to weather forecasts, consumption profiles, grid prices, …

You are an off-grid industrial company?
Our solutions will certainly meet your needs and will help your industries or towns decarbonize human activities, fight against climate change, and give access to sustainable energy at a competitive and stable price.

John Cockerill is experienced in microgrids and battery storage thanks to its own MiRIS microgrid, developed and installed at John Cockerill’s headquarter in Belgium in 2018.

John Cockerill has also developed several external EPC projects in Europe and Africa involving Lithium and NaS battery storage, PV and green EV charging hubs, and has developed its own inhouse Energy Management System.

AUSAR Energy recently signed a contract for 2 microgrid projects in Djibouti for the national utility EDD (Electricité De Djibouti). The project consists of 2 off-grid localities currently powered by Diesel generators to be equipped with 3MWp PV, 4MWh battery storage and AUSAR’s proprietary Power Management System. Beyond this project, AUSAR has a promising pipeline for MW-scale microgrid projects in several countries including Gabon, Djibouti, and Mauritania.

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