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Our Offer

Our experts analyze the way you use your fleet and then can propose a solar roof/shade installation, fast charging stations and, if necessary, storage batteries adapted to your charging needs.

Our solutions will optimize

  • your transport costs with a competitive and constant long-term TCO for 100% electric trucks.
  • the battery use for self-consumption and/or implementation into the network services, allowing income supplement

All these technological bricks are managed by John Cockerill’s unique Energy Management System, our EMS, a software developed in-house by our engineers. The John Cockerill EMS allows to:

  • produce and store the energy produced for the purpose of load shedding or smoothing electricity consumption
  • generate injection/withdrawal capacities on the network
  • manage the energy system and optimize its use according to consumption forecasts, economic data and meteorological parameters

Your benefits

  • You decarbonize your energy
  • You optimize your transport costs
  • You reduce your energy bills thanks to the production of renewable energy
  • You reduce your CO2 emissions
  • You generate additional income when you inject electricity into the network


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