Preserving natural resources

water treatment plant

Because access to resources and the development of green energy solutions represent crucial stakes for our future generations, John Cockerill Environment makes its historic experience available to you, along with solid technological know-how and the courage to be innovative in the domains of air, water and waste treatment and the preservation of natural resources. We have set ourselves the mission of preserving these resources in order to make the world of today even more sustainable tomorrow.

Our profound expertise in the environmental domain enables us to respond to the needs of citizens, public bodies and industrialists from all sectors, thanks to solutions created for them:

  • The treatment of industrial and municipal water;
  • De-pollution of the air and industrial ventilation in noxious, corrosive and odorous environments;
  • The thermal treatment of solid waste, (biomass, activated carbon and sludge): multiple hearth MHF ovens and straight VSK ovens, The Nesa Solution®;
  • Solutions for energy creation (hydro-electric, bio-methanization, photovoltaic pumping, obtaining energy from gas, etc.
  • Specific solutions: smart water, electro-chlorination, Medix® etc.
  • Solutions for optimizing the energy efficiency of industrial processes

John Cockerill Environment teams are capable of working at all the stages of the life of a project, from conception and engineering to construction and commissioning, not forgetting operation and maintenance. This guarantees full accompaniment phase by phase, with solutions suited to your new or existing installations.

John Cockerill Environment is located in Belgium, in France, in Hungary and the United States, and is able to call on the worldwide network of the John Cockerill Group to put our expertise and our ideas into practice on the five continents.


Industrial water treatment

Water treatment

Air de-pollution plant

Ayra™ Air Pollution Control and Odor Treatment

Thermal treatment of solids

Thermal treatment of solids

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