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John Cockerill Energy, a player in the energy transition

For more than 200 years, John Cockerill Energy has been specialized in steam production. Later, it became leader in the market of heat recovery steam generators  which has made for more than 50 years the success and recognition of the Group worldwide. Its teams then developed thermal solar receivers, and integrated renewable solutions to producing and store the energy, for example in micro grids.
Resolutely turned towards the future, our teams are dedicated to meet the needs of our times by developing innovative solutions to encourage access to energyreducing emissions and help its clients produce sustainably.

Our range of specialties:

  • Heat recovery steam generators particularly suited to operate in cycles with frequent start-ups and shut-downs. They can installed behind gas turbines of all power ratings, brands and burning all types of fuel.
  • The manufacture and maintenance of boiler parts, in particular pressure parts in its specialized workshop based in Mexico.
  • Aftersales services, technical assistance, inspections from the rehabilitation to the modernization of all types and brands of boilers;
  • Wet & dry cooling with cooling towers and air cooled condensers for power plants.
  • Thermal solar receivers (Concentrated Solar Power), that capture the sun’s rays, reflected by mirrors on the ground, and enable to produce energy 24/7thanks to molten salts;
  • Industrial boilers destined for sectors such as chemicals, petrochemicals, biomass, incineration, …

Our teams also benefit from all the skills of John Cockerill’s Welding workshop, with specialized workers at the forefront of high-alloy welding techniques.

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