Heat treatment

Innovative and sustainable heat treatment furnaces and lines

Thermal treatment applications

John Cockerill offers pioneering thermal treatment furnaces that meet international safety and quality standards. Our facilities are suitable for use with a wide range of materials (steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, zirconium, tungsten, titanium, beryllium, etc.). Our know-how is based on the combined expertise of three market leaders, namely ATI Furnaces Europe, Stalproekt and the Electrical Furnace Company (also known as EFCO). Combining the expertise that these entities have acquired in various markets and across various cultures has enabled John Cockerill to develop a unique center of excellence when it comes to thermal treatment, with a whole host of global references to its name.

Our treatment furnaces and integrated systems really set the bar when it comes to product quality and energy efficiency, providing the best possible solutions to both environmental and operational issues through reduced consumption as a result of reducing heat loss to a minimum and increased availability and flexibility when it comes to usage.

John Cockerill thermal treatment facilities comply with local, national and international standards, including NFPA 86/70, UL508a, AMS 2750E, NADCAP, CQI-9 and EN746.

Over the years, we have developed a wide range of furnace models, and our thermal solutions are mathematically modelled to ensure the best possible design and accurately calculate the performance levels that the equipment in question can be expected to achieve. These models use algorithms designed to ensure precision in the heating process and therefore improve its energy efficiency.

John Cockerill has built a series of furnaces aimed specifically at research and testing and is involved in a number of international research programs. We also belong to a global network of technical partners that includes professional organizations, universities and research centers and we use this knowledge platform to allow us to continuously innovate and develop our high-end thermal treatment solutions. We are continuously analyzing the energy consumption of our various designs with a view to reducing consumption while at the same time ensuring optimal product quality, never losing sight of our ultimate aim of reducing operating costs and improving your return on investment.

In addition to supplying new equipment and improving existing furnaces, we also provide technical support, maintenance services and spare parts, as well as manufacturing and assembling equipment in our American workshop.

Equipment range

Furnace types

  • Box furnaces;
  • Tilting furnaces;
  • Bogie hearth furnaces;
  • Controlled atmosphere bell furnaces;
  • Roller hearth furnaces;
  • Flexible thermal treatment lines;
  • Rotary hearth furnaces;
  • Vertical tempering furnaces;
  • Aluminium melting furnaces;
  • Continuous and discontinuous treatment lines.

Key benefits

  • Digital simulations for optimal design;
  • Equipment compliance and efficiency;
  • Dedicated operator interface and process data management;
  • Mathematical models to improve furnace efficiency;
  • Optimization of energy consumption;
  • Specialist training and onsite support.

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