Industrial Boilers

Industrial boilers

Calling on more than 200 years of expertise, John Cockerill Energy designs, manufactures and maintains steam producing industrial boilers under the brand names of Denapak and Denarad. We provide technological solutions to our clients in various sectors: chemicals, petrochemicals, the foodstuffs industry, biomass etc.

Meeting the needs of industry

To assist our clients with their industrial projects, our teams create and manufacture boilers suited to their needs. Calling on know-how built up over the years, they perfect creative and constantly optimized solutions:

  • John Cockerill Energy steam producing industrial boilers are designed to function at high pressure;
  • Their membrane-wall construction guarantees pressurized combustion, avoiding gas leakages and reducing problems of corrosion and maintenance costs;
  • The use of in-line tubes for the principal beam of the boiler leads to optimal use of the exchanger surface and enables effective cleaning using soot blowers;
  • Super-heating is protected against direct radiation from the flame, thanks to an entry beam which maintains the low temperature of the super-heating tubes and reduces high temperature corrosion;
  • The condensate pre-heater avoids dew point corrosion;
  • Large dimension vats and reduced speed steam guarantee the production of high purity steam;
  • The rigid chassis and the handling lugs simplify the foundations and enable rapid installation.

Steam generation, our shared expertise

Along with the manufacture and maintenance of industrial boilers, John Cockerill Energy has extensive expertise in the domain of steam production. This allows us to design, manufacture and maintain recuperation boilers and thermo-solar receivers, and also to assist our clients in the modernization of their existing installations and provide them with maintenance on site or in the workshop.

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