Surface treatment

Innovative and sustainable surface treatment facilities

John Cockerill has drawn on the well-established technical expertise of its various entities, including CMI Sleti in France, Galvatek in Finland and Cockerill Tempro Surface Treatment Technologies (Langfang) in China, to establish itself as a leading supplier of chemical and electrolytic surface treatment lines for electroplating equipment and anodization, surface pickling, and hallmark and industrial press die cleaning facilities, combining its equipment offering with a wide range of services.

Substantial experience

Over a period of more than 40 years, we have amassed the expertise required to provide very high-quality surface treatment facilities designed with our clients’ specific needs in mind. Our extensive knowledge of the fields in which our clients operate, which include the automotive industry, aerospace, defense, nuclear power, electronics, glass, cosmetics, decoration, construction and printed circuits, means that we are able to offer surface treatment facilities that are suitable for all types of applications and requirements and all part types and sizes.

Laboratories and test benches: quality and performance

Our internal laboratories and test benches allow us to implement strict quality assurance and quality control measures when it comes to the products we treat and our treatment processes. Our laboratory teams focus solely on producing accurate data and quality standards right throughout the various processing stages and on the reliability of the tests performed on your components.

Energy efficiency and respecting the environment

John Cockerill designs optimized surface treatment facilities that reflect the individual need while also fully complying with current regulations thanks to the support of its various teams specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic tanks and in the processing of gases and liquid effluent. The equipment produced combines consistent quality and production performance with a reduced environmental impact.


  • Chemical and electrolytic coating;
  • Degreasing;
  • Pickling;
  • Phosphating;
  • Hallmark and industrial press die cleaning;
  • Anodization;
  • Chemical milling;
  • Various treatments for nickel, titanium and plastics;
  • Fluorescent penetration inspection.

Process equipment

  • Tanks and equipment: production of fitted treatment and storage tanks suitable for all types of facilities and parts;
  • Hot air sterilizers;
  • Ventilation: wide range of ventilation solutions;
  • Current rectifiers: extensive range of rectifiers and instruments;
  • Measurements/checks: all of the equipment required to take measurements and perform checks;
  • Fluid treatment: extensive range of devices and facilities for treating fluids.

Handling equipment

  • John Cockerill specializes in the design and construction of automated systems to meet any operational requirement, offering both non-contact heavy load handling equipment and patented SF robots. These robots can be single or double column and are even available without a column or inclination and fitted with an extraction hood.

Inspection equipment

  • Manual and automated penetrant inspection stands;
  • Developing agent spray stands;
  • Manual and automated penetrant agent rinsing stands;
  • Light and UV inspection stands.

Loading and unloading equipment

  • SOFAT: automated barrier opening and closing system;
  • Storage areas: automatic or manual loading and unloading;
  • Weighing.

Gas and effluent treatment equipment

Production control and supervision

  • Automated production flow management for improved performance, reliability and safety;
  • Cyclical or random checks;
  • Production management;
  • Control and command system;
  • Single or multi-station.

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