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Air de-pollution plant

The quality of the air is a growing problem, particularly in the industrial sector. Conscious of the implications of pollution and determined to provide responses, John Cockerill Environment supplies complete gaseous waste treatment, including effluents, odors and COV solutions, along with ventilation and energy recuperation solutions.

Experts in the treatment of corrosive, noxious and odorous gaseous rejects, John Cockerill Environment designs, develops and puts into service innovative and made to measure solutions, suited to the specific needs of each client, from odor removal (olfactory pollution) through gas de-pollution (chemical pollution) to industrial ventilation and energy recuperation systems, thus enabling the energy contained in the waste being treated, to be recycled.

Its experts, John Cockerill Europe Environnement, John Cockerill Environment Hungary and John Cockerill Environment America are there to listen to your issues and provide responses in the domain of air treatment.

The made to measure solutions provided by John Cockerill Environment are addressed to both industrialists (aeronautics, automobiles, light and heavy chemicals, food processing, plastics galvanizing) and to public bodies (purification stations, waste sorting centers, composting centers, research laboratories…) and extend to gas washing by absorption, not forgetting thermal oxidation and solvent re-use. Depending on the issues faced by our clients, we can combine several of these to obtain the optimal result.

Our objective: minimizing your environmental footprint by controlling your rejects thanks to our high performing and innovative solutions. All of this while conforming to ever stricter norms and within the most complex of worksite configurations!

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