John Cockerill Hamon

In 2022, John Cockerill took over the cooling activities of the ex-Hamon group in Belgium, France, Spain, South Korea, Indonesia, and the UK. These activities are gathered under the name of John Cockerill Hamon. HAMON® is a registered trademark of John Cockerill and the HAMON® trademarks and logos are registered worldwide. The teams are established in Belgium, France, Spain, UK, Brazil, KSA, Indonesia, and South Korea, and is present trough the extensive network of John Cockerill all over the world. 

John Cockerill Hamon is the one and only successor of the ex-Hamon group. John Cockerill Hamon is therefore the only company to be entitled to sell original and genuine HAMON® products, new equipment, spare parts, and services, and is the only group to guarantee the HAMON® quality and performance. No equipment or part supplied by another company claiming to be Hamon will be guaranteed as genuine HAMON® equipment or part, with the renowned quality of HAMON®.   

Created in Belgium in 1904, HAMON celebrates this year its 120th anniversary. Our experienced teams are specialized in Cooling Solutions. They design and supply high quality cooling towers, both wet and wet-dry, air-cooled condensers, and systems integrating our products with other complementary equipment. John Cockerill Hamon also offers water solutions; its teams manufacture honeycomb structures in its French factory of Arrou. 

Our products are subject to continuous improvement within our R&D department, and we carry out on-site tests which allow the most accurate characterization of finished products, in order to best meet the requirements of our customers. 

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