John Cockerill has taken over the cooling activities of the ex-Hamon group in 2022. These activities are gathered under the name of John Cockerill Hamon.

Our experienced teams are specialized in Cooling Solutions. Our engineers design cooling towers, both wet and wet-dry, air-cooled condensers and systems integrating our products with other complementary equipment. Our teams are based in Belgium, France, Spain, Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, KSA, UK and trough the extensive network of John Cockerill all over the world.

John Cockerill Hamon aims at offering the best economical solutions for the lifetime of field erected cooling towers.

Over the last 20 years, dry cooling systems for power plants have gained an increasing interest as an alternative to the wet cooling systems.

John Cockerill Hamon also propose water solutions. We manufacture honeycomb structures developed by our design office to meet the different applications. Our production unit is based in Arrou (France).

Our products are subject to continuous improvement within our R&D department and we carry out on-site tests which allow the most accurate characterization of the finished products, in order to best meet the expectations of our customers.

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