John Cockerill Hamon is specialized in Cooling Solutions, i.e. cooling towers, both wet and wet-dry, air-cooled condensers and systems integrating its products with other complementary equipment.

Our teams are based in Belgium, France, Spain, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia , Brazil and trough the extensive network of John Cockerill all over the world.

Wet Cooling

John Cockerill Hamon aims at offering the best economical solution for the lifetime of field erected cooling towers. We have experts in each of the following areas:

  • Thermal, hydraulic and structural design
  • Environmental aspects among which noise and plume abatement
  • Selection of associated equipment (system)
  • Civil work construction and mechanical erection
  • Commissioning, testing and auditing
  • Upgrade, repair and maintenance
  • Dismantling and recycling (including PVC film)
wet cooling

Dry Cooling

The Research Cottrell Dry Cooling (RCDC) Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) represents state-of-the-art design and incorporates developments and lessons learned from decades of experience. Our dry cooling systems are notably used as air cooled condenser in power plants.

Over the last 20 years, the dry cooling systems for power plants have gained an increasing interest as an alternative to the wet cooling systems. They are likely to be preferred in the following circumstances:

  • Early permission to build a power plant is usually in favor of the Dry cooling for which locations are in greater numbers and permits received earlier
  • Water supply is an issue whether water is not/poorly available or made too expensive or a sensitive subject today or tomorrow;
  • Air Cooled condensers are also preferred solutions also in Waste to Energy plants and even at the top of a building, it is a right place to install our air-cooled condensers.
Dry cooling

Water Solutions

Our French production plant is specialised in the manufacture of plastic honeycombed structures. Our products meet the requirements in various areas, such as: stormwater management, wastewater treatment, industrial water cooling and other applications.

Taking advantage of its experience as preferred supplier for the nuclear business in France for almost 40 years, John Cockerill Hamon offers a product adapted to the needs of its customers and their markets with an optimal quality.


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