Marine boilers

Marine boilers

Modularity and adaptability: specific industrial applications

Using their advanced engineering capabilities, our John Cockerill Energy teams create modular designs that maximize the adaptability of their products and services to a wide range of industrial applications; meeting the multiple and varied needs of customers.

FLNG – Plateformes Off-Shore – Floating Power Barges – Shipboard Power

The John Cockerill small vertical Once Through boilers are one of the latest innovative solutions from our teams of experts and design engineers. Without any high-pressure drum, they guarantee optimized increasing pressure power, high efficiency and the ability to support unlimited daily cycling, while being more economical.

They are particularly well suited to marine applications such as Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) units, Offshore platforms, Floating Power Barges and Ship Boat Power.

With a design that optimizes the use of available space on board, our forced circulation boilers are perfectly suited to the specific conditions of an offshore environment, such as pitch and roll. These boilers comply with severe marine regulations as they are DNV (Det Norske Veritas) certified.

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John Cockerill - Hilli - FLNG - 196 MW