Horizontal Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Horizontal heat recovery steam generators

John Cockerill’s latest generation of horizontal heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) is one of the most reliable solutions in the market to meet the even more demanding needs of our customers in terms of operating conditions.

Thanks to their construction features, the John Cockerill horizontal HRSGs are well suited for cogeneration. Their design allows optimization of fuel consumption and gas emissions reduction. In addition, they are designed to operate with frequent start-ups and shut-downs, and they have the appropriate options according to power demand.

Modular construction: balance between manufacturing, transportation and construction costs

Our teams work daily to design solutions that meet our customers’ needs and constraints. The John Cockerill horizontal design is particularly well fitted for integrating post-combustion burners and catalysts, essential for regulating gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Our strong experienced engineers also offer the choice of a modular design with various prefabrication levels according to your needs. A high level of prefabrication will help reduce the construction time on site and reduce your deadlines while rationalizing transportation costs.

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