Horizontal Heat Recovery Steam Generators

John Cockerill Energy built its reputation as the industrial partner of choice many decades ago on this historic steam generation technology based on natural gas circulation and its economic impact. Taking full advantage of the continuous research and development programs of our teams, John Cockerill Energy’s latest generation horizontal heat recovery steam generators are one of the most reliable solutions on the market, meeting the needs of our time.

Due to their inherent construction features, our horizontal heat recovery steam generators are naturally well fit for cogeneration, optimizing the consumption of fuel and reducing gas emissions. In addition, they are designed to meet the performance requirements of operation in frequent start-stop cycles, with the appropriate options, according to the power demand.

Modular construction: Balance between manufacturing, transportation and construction costs

Our teams work daily to design solutions that meet our customers’ needs and constraints. For example, the John Cockerill horizontal design is particularly well fit for the integration of post-combustion burners and catalysts, essential for regulating gas emissions into the atmosphere.
Our solid experience in the field has led us to design a modular design that offers our customers the choice of prefabrication level according to their needs. The result is a minimization of construction work in the field and compliance with the tightest deadlines, while rationalizing transportation costs.

References that speak for themselves

As our reference list (available for downloading) shows, the John Cockerill HRSG have proven to be strong, and reliable boiler choice for over 200 years.

Available files

HRSG reference list