Once Through Boilers (OTB)

Increased efficiency of combined cycle power plants with reduced capital and life cycle costs

An optimized vertical design applied to Once Through boiler technology is one of the latest innovative solutions from our teams of experts and design engineers addressing the entire gas turbine market.

Our offer:

  • Small OTB with dry Running Mode for gas turbines from 15 to 100MW
  • Large OTB boilers behind class H, J and HL gas turbines (400MW+) characterized by the integration of a separator for the High Pressure circuit while the Low Pressure and Intermediate Pressure circuits remain drum type conventional.

Our vertical OTBs guarantee optimized pressure build-up, high efficiency and the ability to withstand an unlimited number of daily cycles.

Modular design and constructability ++

In response to today’s multiple needs, we offer a unique modular design that maximizes the adaptability of our boilers to a wide range of industrial applications both on-shore and off-shore.
Our solid experience in the field has led us above all to design a modular design offering our customers the choice of the level of prefabrication according to their needs. The result is a minimization of construction work in the field and respect of the tightest deadlines, while rationalizing transportation costs.

With compact footprint, even with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and CO catalysts, our boilers are designed to offer better accessibility and reduced maintenance costs.