Once Through Boilers (OTB)

Once through boilers

Increased cycle efficiency with reduced capital and life cycle costs

With an optimized vertical design, John Cockerill’s  Once Through Boilers (OTB)  offer a reduced carbon footprint, increased cycle efficiency, and reduced emissions.

Our vertical OTBs guarantee optimized pressure build-upand the ability to withstand an unlimited number of daily cycles.

Our offer:

  • Small OTBs with dry running mode for gas turbines from 15 to 100MW
  • Our vertical OTBs guarantee optimized pressure build-up, high efficiency and the ability to withstand an unlimited number of daily cycles.

Modular design and constructability ++

In response to today’s multiple needs, we offer a unique modular design that maximizes the adaptability of our boilers to a wide range of industrial applications both on-shore and off-shore. This
modular design can offer a high  level of prefabrication resulting  in a reduction minimization of construction work on-site and the respect of the tightest deadlines while rationalizing transportation costs.

With compact footprint, even equipped with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and a CO catalyst, our boilers are designed to offer better accessibility and reduced maintenance costs.