Modular Small boilers

Modular small boilers

Modular small boilers: An optimal “total installed cost”

John Cockerill’s teams have installed hundreds of heat recovery steam generators around the world. This project experience has enabled us to understand the constraints of the terrain and to capitalise on the advantages of construction. The small steam generators, behind gas turbines of up to 100 MW, have an internal width of less than 4 metres, allowing them to be manufactured in one module wide and 1 to 3 modules deep. These boilers are therefore suitable for a fully modular construction for pressure parts. These modules integrate the exchangers, manifolds, structures, casing and insulation. They are completely prefabricated and tested in the workshop, then transported and assembled on site. This minimizes construction work on the site and allows us to meet even the tightest deadlines, while streamlining transportation costs.

These modular boilers are developed for both horizontal and vertical steam generator technologies.