Vertical Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Vertical heat recovery steam generators

Thanks to their construction features, John Cockerill’s vertical heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) are naturally well fitted for cycling operations and provide optimal performance during frequent start-ups and shut-downs.

Optimized erection time, resources and costs savings

When projects involve reduced footprint, vertical gas flow HRSGs across serpentine heat exchangers and with no superheater quenching are ideal. A vertical design facilitates internal accessibility, which improves maintainability and reduces generator maintenance costs. In addition, our vertical HRSG modules offer a high level of prefabrication, allowing hydrotest in workshops and easier and cost-effective erection with hydraulic lifting instead of using large cranes.

One of our latest innovative solutions is our vertical design applied to the Once Through Boiler technology. Without any high-pressure drum, they guarantee optimized increasing pressure power, high efficiency and the ability to support unlimited daily cycling, while being more economical.

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