Dynacor, a dynamic corrosion loop to improve our solar technology

August 09th 2021

Why is John Cockerill a leader in the field of thermo-solar power plants? Because of the expertise brought to bear on molten salts. These salts, when heated, can produce electricity 24 hours a day. Innovation and continuous improvement are in our DNA, these are key to facilitate access to renewable energy. Tests are thus carried out by our Renewables R&D teams within the Walloon Region’s “Solar Gnext” project. John Cockerill Energy is currently commissioning a dynamic corrosion loop called Dynacor.

Thanks to the test bench (see picture below), the molten salt and the tested alloys will be heated at high temperature in order to reproduce as faithfully as possible the environment to which a molten salt solar receiver is subjected when it is exposed to solar flux. The main objective of this test bench is to validate the corrosion resistance of the materials as well as the thermal exchanges. In a second time, new generation salts and subjects related to thermal storage could also be investigated.

More information on Dynacor.