Steam Generators and Heat Exchangers

John Cockerill’s new CSP product

In 2017, John Cockerill celebrates its 200 year anniversary. During this extensive period of time, John Cockerill has gained an invaluable expertise in boiler engineering which is at the disposal of the thermo-solar power plants (CSP) industry. John Cockerill offers another key component for this plants: the Molten Salt Steam Generator (MSSG), which consists of a group of exchangers transferring heat from the hot molten salt loop to the water cycle of the power plant.

John Cockerill Molten Salt Steam Generators: key features

CSP plants are subject to frequent start-ups in order to generate electricity whenever required by the electricity grid, so that operators will be able to take advantage of the dispatchability of CSP plants. As a consequence, Molten Salt Steam Generators have to deal with daily start-ups as quickly as possible to maximize electricity production and installation profits.

For this reason, John Cockerill has developed an innovative concept of heat exchangers which have a wide range of operation, are able to withstand high temperature ramps and are designed for frequent start-ups. Moreover, great attention was paid to make these heat exchangers more reliable than the standard solutions available on the market, especially in regards to corrosion and leaks issues related to the use of Molten Salt at high temperature.

Finally, thanks to its innovative design, John Cockerill has drastically reduced pump consumption and mitigate the risk of fouling in these heat exchangers. As a result, John Cockerill optimizes energy production throughout the life of the plant.

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