Boilers for thermo-solar power plants

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Steam generation is the keystone of the history of John Cockerill Energy. Today, thanks to producing energy 24 hours a day using molten salts technology, our boilers for thermo-solar power plants (CSP energy) provide an alternative to the use of fossil energies. They illustrate our desire to always go the extra step in offering innovative solutions which facilitate access to renewable energy. And respond to the needs of our times.

An alternative to fossil energies

The boilers for thermo-solar power plants (CSP energy) designed by our teams capture the energy of the sun’s rays reflected by thousands of mirrors located on the ground. Located at the top of a tower at the heart of an electricity plant, the receiver absorbs this concentrated solar energy.

This innovative technology enables all types of coolant fluids to be re-heated along with the direct generation of steam. Capable of storing large quantities of energy and of producing electricity even at night, it is currently the best performing alternative to the use of fossil fuels.

Salt, the energy of the future

To store solar energy in large quantities and ensure it is available 24 hours a day, our boilers for thermo-solar power plants use the new molten salts technology. Molten salts constitute an inexpensive coolant fluid resistant to fire and non-polluting. They provide a first rate solution for producing electricity day and night.

In collaboration with its clients, John Cockerill Energy designs thermo-solar boilers for places in the world with a lot of sunshine. Our teams have developed and supplied a thermo-solar receiver for the Khi Solar One electric power plant(50 mWe), in service in South Africa.  They have also created a molten salts thermo-solar receiver destined to be installed in the Atacama 1 power plant (110 mWe), in the course of construction in Chile.

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