Carbonisation & Activation

Carbonization process fournace

The Nesa Solution® proposes the Multiple hearth furnace (MHF for the carbonization process. Carbonization consists of reducing, in a reactive atmosphere (without oxygen) the humidity and then the volatile matter of biomass (or of a mineral carbon) in order to prepare for the following activation operation. This process also allows for the concentration of all of the energy value of the raw material to be converted under the effect of the heat of the organic matter (for example, vegetal waste) into charcoal.

A wide variety of raw materials such as coal, wood, biomass (e.g. shavings, wood chips, olive stones, coconut shells etc.) can be used in this process, given the high degree of production flexibility of an MHF.

The Activation process enables the porosity of the carbon to be dramatically improved and as a result its absorption powers, by increasing its porous volume. The Nesa Solution® has perfected a process of activation using steam – based on the very flexible MHF technology – to produce high quality activated carbon (with very high absorption powers and according to a determined porosity) suited to numerous industrial applications and according to the specific needs of clients.

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