Pyrolysis – Incineration

Pyrolysis of solid waste


The pyrolysis concept developed by Nesa, enabling the treatment of municipal wastes and industrial residues, consists of the thermal conversion of solids and/or liquids into gaseous compounds plus a solid residue (consisting of fixed carbon and mineral matter).

This thermal treatment takes place in controlled mode. Thanks to the Nesa multi-stage reactor it is possible to control temperature profiles, residence time and the gaseous atmospheres through the whole thermal reactor.

Incineration & Combustion

Another technique involves the thermal treatment of sludge in two stages within the Nesa Multiple Hearth Reactor: firstly as a pyrolytic gasification of volatile organic components (i.e. away from air), secondly, in the form of incineration/combustion operations of the remaining fixed carbon.

Available files

Case study - GIDA Thermal Sludge Treatment NESACore MHF

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