Industrial Projects Services (IPS)

Value-added services supporting carbon neutrality and the energy transition.

Industrial Projects Services

Proven methodology and international project management for various industries

An offspring of our uniquely positioned integrated technology and solutions company, John Cockerill’s Industrial Project Services (IPS) division, has a combined base in Belgium and India. With its backbone made up of experienced engineering and project execution experts, IPS’s first mission is the construction of the Group’s H2 Gigafactories.

A mission that if fully in line with one of our Group’s main ambitions: enable the most energy-intensive industries to reduce their environmental footprint by helping them to use green energy. As such, the new plants are to manufacture electrolyzers to produce carbon-free hydrogen.

With the drastically growing need of the steel industry for green hydrogen on the back of an increasingly popular Direct Iron Reduction (DRI) process, the gigafactories built by IPS are also helping our Group’s steelmaking clients achieving their ambitions when it comes to the decarbonizing of their plants.

A wide range of tailored and value-added services to decarbonize the industry

Tightly connected to the industrial world, IPS’s overall objective is to focus on industrial projects that are supporting carbon neutrality, ecological transition, and circular economy. Projects that often call for multidisciplinary skills to address most adequately some of the important topics of our time such as energy efficiency, power optimization, carbon capture or other environmental related topics and for which IPS offers a wide range of tailored and value-added services, either developed for or co-developed with industrial partners.

From the initial advice and design development to perfect completion and aftercare

IPS is acting as an engineering consultant taking care of all the stages of engineering and providing a single point of contact. Its flexible scope comprises strategic consultancy and feasibility studies, project planning, engineering, sourcing, project management, plant construction management and audits for clients. With the goal to build them in the most efficient and sustainable manner, IPS will supply the full-circle, all-encompassing project management services for the construction of these plants, from the initial idea to the final production facility. In short IPS delivers single-source, life-cycle solutions with the goal to help our clients invest confidently in the future.

With this new service, our cutting-edge technologies, and ambitious innovations, we plan to contribute to today’s markets’ needs and make a difference in a world that is undergoing an exciting transformation to meet the global climate and sustainability goals.

Project Services:

  • Project Definition
  • Overall Time Schedule (Planning & Scheduling)
  • Centralized Project Administration and Document Management
  • Layout Integration
  • Centralized Basic Engineering
  • Best Value Country Sourcing, Procurement & Cost Management
  • Centralized Project Management: Engineering Procurement and Construction (Management) (EPC(M))
  • Centralized Site Management and Administration
  • Integrated Safety Management

John Cockerill is a leader in the supply of high-pressure alkaline electrolyser technology and equipment for the production of green H2 and Power-to-X solutions. John Cockerill’s 1st European Gigafactory is currently under construction in France. As of early 2024, the new plant will manufacture electrolyzers for the production of carbon-free hydrogen.

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