World Climate Day: our technologies at the heart of the fight against global warming

December 08th 2020

On this 8th December, World Climate Day is an opportunity to underline our commitments to meet the challenges of global warming.

We have been developing large-scale power generation solutions for over 200 years. And as early as the 1970s, our heat recovery steam generators increased the efficiency of gas power plants: less gas used for the same Energy power.

As a global player in the energy transition, John Cockerill has been using its expertise in renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the past 15 years. Thanks to our thermal solar receivers, our energy storage solutions such as MiRIS or our high-capacity electrolysers producing hydrogen from green energy, John Cockerill contributes to the decarbonisation of industry and more sustainable mobility.

Our Service Sector teams are also at the forefront of nuclear and wind energy. In France and Belgium, we contribute to the safety of nuclear power plants. In the wind energy sector, we have recognized experience in onshore and offshore maintenance.

In the Environment Sector, our air, water and effluent treatment solutions enhance the energy or products contained in the effluents to be treated, thus supporting the transition to a circular economy. John Cockerill’s “The NESA Solution” multiple hearth furnaces enable the regeneration of activated carbon and reduce our customers’ carbon impact.

On World Climate Day, we are proud that our technologies are fighting global warming and that our sustainable solutions are shaping the world of tomorrow.

HaYrport project 3
CMI Services signe un contrat de 12 ans avec REpower Systems.
Haixi plant - solar panels
Centrale solaire Haixi - Chine
Carbonization process fournace