Energy storage

When it comes to renewable energy, we are convinced that electricity storage represents one of the major stakes of today.

This is why in 2017 John Cockerill Energy established a team specialized in energy storage, with a view to increase green electricity production while reducing their costs.

Re-confirming our commitment to being ecologically responsible, we also inaugurated at our own site, at the end of 2018, the largest pilot station for energy  storage in Europe. Named MiRIS (Micro Réseau Intégré Seraing in French, or Seraing Integrated Micro Network), this station is made up of 6,500 solar panels, allied to batteries of various  technologies.

Technological innovation constitutes an essential lever for the durability of our planet – we are convinced of this and we are committed to it.

Energy storage, a pillar of the environmental transition

Energy storage can be applied to a growing number of intermittent renewable energies, and enables the supply of electricity on demand. It guarantees a larger autonomy compared to the traditional electricity network and even allows total independence where networks in unconnected zones are concerned. At an economic level, energy storage also reduces energy costs.

John Cockerill Energy has integrated various technologies for electro-chemical storage using flow, Lithium-ion and NaS batteries. These are coupled to the production of green energy, connected or not to the principal network.

Made to measure solutions

Where energy storage is concerned, John Cockerill Energy acts as an EPC integrator: our teams take charge of the engineering, the supply and the construction of the innovative solutions which we conceive.

We propose integrated units of green electricity production, storage and management to a wide clientele:  renewable energy producers, on-grid or off-grid, as a support to networks and also in commerce and industry.

Our solutions are optimized to respond as closely as possible to the technical and economic requirements of each client. If necessary, they can include a hybridization of various technologies, including gensets. All of the systems offered are controlled by a reinforced and evolving Energy Management System (EMS).

As an industrial partner, John Cockerill Energy also puts its expertise to the service of energy audits. These audits enable us to identify and implement the best solutions according to the energy use of our clients, with a view to reducing their carbon footprint.

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