Green hydrogen

As a player committed to the energy transition, John Cockerill Energy invests and innovates in the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen.

Renewable hydrogen, a pillar of the energy transition

Particularly high in energy and durable, hydrogen represents an essential energy vector in the ecological transition. From industry to transport, it is carving out a wide range of sectors and applications for all: refilling stations, power to Gas, various industrial applications etc.

John Cockerill Energy is positioned as a player capable of responding competitively to the growing demand of the market for the production of green hydrogen.  And thus guaranteeing an energy which is accessible to all.

A full range of integrated solutions

Our clients are active in various industrial sectors, in mobility and in power generation. To respond to their needs, our teams develop with them overall and integrated solutions for the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen:

  • Electrolyzers;
  • Purifiers;
  • Dedicated filling stations;
  • Energy Management Systems;
  • Optimization of distribution stations through modeling.

Infrastructure suited to needs

Calling on more than 25 years of expertise in hydrogen solutions, John Cockerill Energy possesses up to the minute infrastructure to respond to the needs of its clients. We have the manufacturing capacity for units of 100mW+, and we have developed an integrated test laboratory which enables us to conceive various configurations, membrane types etc.

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