Our cooling experts gather in France for a technical seminar dedicated to the design and engineering of cooling towers

cooling technology experts meeting

January 12th 2024

At the end of December 2023, John Cockerill Hamon teams from all over the world attended a technical seminar dedicated to the design and engineering of wet cooling towers. The seminar took place at the French headquarters in Paris and included a guided tour of the key components production lines and logistic facility of John Cockerill Hamon at Arrou (south-west of Paris).

Teams came from France, Belgium, India, Spain, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates to attend a week-long training session designed to deliver the highest degree of technical expertise with a specific focus on thermal design, technical review of the product lines, as well as operational and financial processes.

In addition to technical training, the seminar included a guided tour of key component production lines and the logistics facility at Arrou, to give teams a better understanding of the inner functioning of a modern production plant.

With 120 years of cooling experience, John Cockerill Hamon’s commitment is to always stand at the cutting edge of technological innovation in the field of cooling systems to meet the challenges of our time.

cooling technology experts meeting