D-Style Packaged Boilers: Proven technology

The Denapak is a self-supporting, two drum boiler with watercooled furnace walls.

  • Meets steam equipment design, fabrication and safety requirements (ASME, PED 2014/68/EU or EN codes)
  • Natural circulation design, includes integral steam and lower drums
  • Flexible, reliable construction
  • Seamless tubes form a thorough seal where they meet drums to eliminate heat-affected zones caused by welding
  • Evaporator screen protect superheaters against direct radiation
  • Optional installed feedwater preheater in the water drum to avoid flue gas condensation
  • For increased efficiency, the Denapak is equipped with an economizer
  • Preassembled and hydro-tested in the workshop prior to transportation
  • For Larger capacity units shop fabrication will be optimized to reduce field erection cost
  • Low NOx burners, flue gas recirculation and/or SCR systems can be provided to meet required emissions

Main Strengths

  • Operational flexibility: 10 to 100% MCR (Maximum Continuous Rate)
  • High thermal efficiency up to 97.5% (LHV)
  • High availability up to 99.5%
  • Compact boiler design
  • Simplified foundation
  • Guaranteed low NOx
  • Maximized shop assembly

Operational data and References that speak for themselves

As John Cockerill’s reference list shows, the Denapak has proven to be a strong, and reliable industrial boiler choice for over 50 years. Click to upload the document.

Available files

Brochure Denapak Boilers

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