Denarad boiler

A well-proven design for heavy industrial use and easy maintenance

John Cockerill’s Denarad Boiler is a single-drum boiler with natural circulation and a vertical flue gas flow. This well-proven design was developed for heavy industrial use and easy maintenance.

  • Self-supporting boiler with water cooled furnace walls
  • Meets steam equipment design, fabrication and safety regulations for international codes and standards
  • All tubes connected to the steam drum and to the headers are welded
  • Convection parts (super-heaters, evaporators and economizers) are pre-assembled in the workshop
  • Hydro-testing of convection parts performed prior to assembly on-site
  • Outer drum designed to enable fast start-up & load changes
  • Available cleaning systems – soot blowers, water guns, wall blowers and/ or gravitational bullet cleaning systems
  • Capable of meeting stringent low NOx emission requirements, (low NOx burners, flue gas recirculation, SNCR or SCR systems)

Main Strengths

  • Operational flexibility from 10 to 100% MCR (Maximum Continuous Rate)
  • High thermal efficiency up to 97.5% (LHV)
  • High availability up to 99.5%
  • Low-corrosion design features
  • Guaranteed low NOx
  • Optional Bundle cleaning systems
  • Designed for easy maintenance

Operational data and References speak for themselves – Click to upload the document.

Available files

Brochure Denarad Boilers

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