INTEROR entrusts John Cockerill with the improvement of its effluent treatment station

December 21st 2023

For the biological treatment plant of its industrial effluents located at the client’s Calais site in France, the specialist manufacturer of fine chemicals INTEROR entrusted John Cockerill with the construction of a tertiary treatment installation destined to improve the effluent quality and increase the performance of the current treatment plant and ultimately comply with all future applicable environmental regulations.

John Cockerill’s teams have gained the client’s confidence by proposing an installation which will treat the clarified effluents resulting from the biological treatment, thus allowing this manufacturer of sophisticated organic molecules to comply with the conclusions of the BREF CWW. Resulting from the work of the European IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) office, the BREF CWW covers the regulations linked to common systems for the treatment and management of water and residual gases in the chemical industry.

The solution proposed by John Cockerill foresees the treatment of the effluents by coagulation, neutralization, flocculation and decantation. After that the effluents will be filtered in a drum filter followed by an activated carbon filter. Finally, they will be discharged into the natural environment in strict compliance with all future standards. The sludge from the decantation stage will be mixed with the biological sludge before being dewatered by centrifugation.

By participating in this effluent treatment improvement project, John Cockerill, through its industrial effluent treatment specialist, John Cockerill Proserpol, is proud to once again make its tangible contribution to preserving natural resources.