Industrial water

Industrial water treatment factory

Those involved in the industrial domain are high consumers of water. Whether used as thermal fluids in cooling systems or to feed boilers, or indeed re-used in industrial processes themselves, industrial waste water has to be treated and purified with great care in order to achieve the required physical and chemical properties.

The expertise of John Cockerill enables us to offer complete, innovative and made to measure industrial water treatment solutions, and which conform to the strictest requirements, from the preparation of process water to the re-use of treated water and on to the purification of residual water.

We also offer solutions for e-using treated effluent such as bio-methanization, enabling energy and/or fertilizer to be produced.

Our solutions enable us to respond to the specific needs of industrialists, taking account of the characteristics of each sector of activity: food processing, pharmaceuticals, mining, surface treatment, hospitals and laboratories, automobiles etc.

process water treatment

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