John Cockerill selected by INASEP for the extension and rehabilitation of its Ciney wastewater treatment plant

station épuration plan vue aérienne

The Namur public services intermunicipal company (INASEP) has been conquered by John Cockerill’s expertise for the extension and rehabilitation of its Ciney wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

INASEP entrusted John Cockerill Environment’s water treatment specialists with the extension of its Ciney (Belgium) wastewater treatment plant from one line of 16,000 pe (population equivalent) to 2 lines of 14,000 pe each, as well as the rehabilitation of the related infrastructures.

The 13-million-euro investment includes the construction of a sludge unloading and storage unit, the renovation and upgrading of the current line, the construction of a new biological line and a new high voltage cabin, the demolition and reconstruction of the technical building, as well as the construction of a new sludge dewatering line. All while ensuring the continuity of treatment! A big challenge!

As part of this rehabilitation, our teams and their associates also supplied a fully automated screw press dehydration unit with low running noise, low rinsing water consumption, very low energy consumption, all while providing high dryness and low maintenance costs.

As a responsible actor committed to the environment, John Cockerill is proud to have been chosen to equip and rehabilitate the Ciney wastewater treatment plant, the design of which is in progress. The construction site will begin in May 2023 and the end of the project is scheduled after an operating period of 6 months, in June 2025. There is no doubt that the excellent teamwork deployed will lead this project to great success and a high-performance and sustainable wastewater treatment plant.