Delivery of a BeFlow AGS demonstration unit to a wastewater treatment plant in Evry (France)

BeFlow® AGS waste water treatment

November 30th 2023

The reception of a BeFlow® AGS demonstration unit at the wastewater treatment plant in Evry (south of Paris, France), by the managing body SPLConfluence, allows the in-situ presentation of this new compact technology to French municipalities and engineering offices.

At the same time, the “Société Publique Locale” will test BeFlow® AGS for its own project aiming at increasing the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant, while improving the quality of the water treatment before its discharge into the natural environment.

A unique offer in the treatment of urban wastewater

John Cockerill and STEREAU joined their expertise to offer the French market a unique solution in the treatment of urban wastewater using aerobic granular sludge in continuous flow: theBeFlow® AGS process.

After validation of the technology at the wastewater treatment plant in Namur (Belgium) on a first demonstrator, the arrival of a second unit in France marks a new major step in the deployment of the BeFlow® AGS technology.

One more step towards the treatment of carbon pollution, nitrogen and phosphorus

BeFlow® AGS is based on the formation of a dense and compact granular biomass. The high biomass concentrations in the biological reactors and the rapid settling of granules make it possible to considerably reduce the size of the treatment plant while increasing the capacity of existing installations. With its ability to handle high flow rates during rain falls and its continuous flow design, the BeFlow® AGS process is particularly suited to the modernization and expansion of existing treatment facilities, all while overcoming the limitations of other granulation processes.

BeFlow® AGS allows water treatment players to meet increasingly strict regulatory requirements, while offering municipal operators excellent treatment performance and reduced civil engineering works, thus generating significant cost savings.

BeFlow® AGS waste water treatment