BeFlow® AGS - Waste water treatment

A new process combining efficiency and eco-responsibility

BeFlow AGS - waste water treatment

BeFlow® AGS is a very promising wastewater treatment technology based on an aerobic granular activated sludge process this technology is allowing for a continuous flow treatment that:

  • does not require any chemical reagent and is therefore 100% biological.
  • applies to a wide variety of liquid effluents, whether from municipal or industrial facilities, and considerably reduces their environmental footprint.
  • is more compact than traditional treatment facilities, and also more energy efficient.
  • is able to handle both high and variable flow rates and therefore allows to cope with water flow peaks. This is particularly useful for municipal wastewater treatment and certain industries.

BeFlow® AGS has already proven its worth:
Thanks to a pilot installation at the Namur wastewater treatment plant (Belgium) it has been validated in real world conditions. Thirteen months of operation on an urban effluent treatment station made it possible to demonstrate that BeFlow® AGS complies with all discharge standards while significantly reducing the volumes of the biological reactor and the settling surfaces. BeFlow® AGS thus offers a competitive alternative to current biological purification processes.

The Namur pilot project has been put in place with the help of the CEBEDEAU, the Walloon reference center for water treatment, and is also supported by the Walloon Region.

Beyond the industrial qualification of BeFlow® AGS, the pilot plant has also enabled John Cockerill to develop a “Smart monitoring” of the installation:
The pilot has been equipped with a large number of sensors that provide information on the proper functioning of the treatment in real-time, helping the operator to efficiently run the installation. This intelligent data monitoring also allows John Cockerill to develop artificial intelligence models to predict the evolution of key process parameters.

The applications:
BeFlow® AGS is offering significant opportunities not only for companies and municipalities that encounter problems with their installations being overloaded, but it also offers considerable advantages in the framework of the construction of new treatment stations, by rendering the related infrastructures both more compact and less expensive.

With BeFlow® AGS, John Cockerill contributes to the preservation of natural resources and positions itself as a solution provider for an eco-responsible future, based on wastewater treatment that is at the same time smart, efficient, compact, economical and 100% organic.

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