AcvaMod® - Membrane filtration

AcvaMod John Cockerill

AcvaMod®: Membrane filtration systems for the  treatment of drinking water, the production  of process water and “reuse”

The use of membrane filtration for water purification as an alternative to conventional filtration allows to significantly improve treatment efficiency regardless of the quality of the raw water being treated and without adding any chemicals. This high-performance technology is used in the large-scale production of drinking water or for the production and treatment (recycling or reuse) of process water.

Precise, reliable and robust, John Cockerill’s range of membrane filtration systems, AcvaMod® offers numerous advantages. One of them is its ability to produce water tailored to meet its client’s specific quality requirements. Compared with sand filtration, the physical barrier created by the membrane considerably increases the reliability and selectivity of membrane filtration systems.

John Cockerill offers a versatile range of membrane filtration solutions, with a modular, compact design, equipped with automated control and management systems.

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