Molten Salt Steam Generators and Heat Exchangers

Molten salt steam generators

In 2017, John Cockerill celebrates its 200 years anniversary. During this extensive period of time, John Cockerill has gained an invaluable expertise in boiler engineering which is at the disposal of the thermo-solar power plants (CSP) industry. John Cockerill offers another key component for these plants: the Molten Salt Steam Generator (MSSG). The Molten Salt Steam Generator (MSSG) is the essential link between the molten salt loop and the water/steam cycle, consisting of a group of heat exchangers transferring the heat from the hot molten salt to the water cycle of the power plant.

John Cockerill Molten Salt Steam Generators: key features

As CSP plants are oriented towards dispatchability, Molten Salt Steam Generators have to constantly adapt their load to the electricity demand, and therefore deal with frequent load change and daily start-ups.

To answer this specific and demanding range of operation and using his experience and knowledge from the solar receivers, John Cockerill has developed an innovative design of heat exchangers. Moreover, great attention was paid to make these heat exchangers more reliable than the standard solutions available on the market, especially regarding corrosion and leaks issues related to the use of Molten Salt at high temperature.

Finally, thanks to its innovative design, John Cockerill has drastically reduced pump consumption and mitigate the risk of fouling in these heat exchangers. As a result, John Cockerill optimizes energy production throughout the life of the plant.

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