Molten Salt Solar Receivers

Molten salt solar receivers

Located at the top of tall towers, John Cockerill’s receivers collect the concentrated solar energy and transfer it either directly into high pressure steam (Direct Steam Generation) or into hot molten salt. These receivers operate in extreme conditions which require state-of-the art boiler engineering and technology.

Technical expertise for extreme engineering

John Cockerill used his extensive and multi-century old expertise as a thermal and mechanical expert to master the many technical challenges that the solar receivers are facing while harvesting the intense solar energy flux.

  • Integrity, efficiency, quality and lifetime through the best design and the highest quality materials.
  • Operation safety with a thermo-mechanical monitoring software composed of highly precise infrared cameras.
  • Easy maintenance using a tailor-made maintenance crane installed at the top of the solar receiver.

To improve the performance of its Solar receiver, John Cockerill also developed the high performances solar absorber coating “CoteRill™750”.

The CoteRill™750 is a silicon-based absorber paint with high efficiency and reliability at high temperature. This allows JC Solar Receiver to have high performances and reduce maintenance operation on site which leads to increase the availability and the electricity production of the power plant. Another advantage of this coating is its ability to be applied without curing which allows our customers to save money during the lifetime of the CSP plant and to avoid the risks of non-adequate curing to be performed on the top of the tower.

These efficient and innovative designs are recognized worldwide and allowed John Cockerill to be chosen as a trusted supplier for many prestigious large scale CSP projects around the globe.

Dewa-Solar receiver

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