Air-Cooled Condensers

Over the last 20 years, dry cooling systems for power plants have gained an increasing interest as an alternative to the wet cooling systems. They are likely to be preferred in the following circumstances:

  • Early permission to build a power plant is usually in favor of dry cooling, for which locations are in greater numbers and permits are received earlier.
  • Water supply is an issue whether water is not/poorly available or made too expensive.
  • Air-cooled condensers are preferred solutions also in Waste to Energy plants and even the top of a building it is a right place to install our air-cooled condensers.

Air Cooled Condensers

Each section of Air-Cooled Condensers (ACC) is designed by our engineers to enhance performance, and respect cost and constructability. Our engineers design them with optimized key sections and equipment to guarantee a maximized efficiency according to our client’s criteria for balancing capital and operating costs. The steam flows from the turbine into a steam duct and several manifolds to reach the fin tube bundles. ACC are designed in streets sitting on a steel leg system (under structure) raised to allow proper air intake into the forced draft modules of A-shape steel frames supporting fin tube bundles. Once condensed, the steam is collected by gravity into a condensate tank located underneath or in the close vicinity of the ACC. The efficiency of the steam condensation process is guaranteed using appropriate and reliable vacuum units. ACC guarantee the complete system and undertake integral studies related to the ducts and manifolds, the steel leg system and the pipe work and other special studies as appropriate.

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