A new ecological and high performance Wastewater Treatment Plant in Steinfort (Luxembourg)

October 04th 2022

The new wastewater treatment plant in Steinfort (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) is more ecological and better adapted to population growth. It has replaced three old wastewater treatment plants.

John Cockerill Environment supplied the entire process related to the water treatment of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) being part of the ambitious sanitation plan on the upstream course of the river Eisch. Located near the Steinfort border crossing, the new wastewater treatment plant has replaced three old WWTPs, which had become outdated and too small. The new plant collects and treats the water of 15,600 PE (Population Equivalent) and serves 3 villages in Belgium and 7 villages in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

For this project, John Cockerill Environment’s experts designed and supplied the entire process related to the water treatment of the new plant, operating on the activated sludge principle.┬áThus, a raw water reception channel equipped with a general bypass, an automatic fine screening stage, a cylindrical-conical grit for scrap removal, equipped with an air-lift system for the recovery of sand including a classifier, a biological treatment channel and a clarifier equipped with a suction bridge were installed. The new installation is completed by a system metering the volume of the treated water when being discharged and also allows to measure the water quality on-line. The remote access to these parameters, facilitates the plant’s operation.

Biological treatment of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus

In addition, the advanced biological treatment of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus allows to meet the strictest discharge standards and even beyond. The energy saving aspect has not been forgotten. Thus, the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the buildings, allows the production of green energy on site.

The trustful relationship with the client and the excellent teamwork with our partners SOCOGETRA Group & exelio, allowed our water treatment specialist, John Cockerill Balteau to design and commission this new high-performance plant, that is both environmentally friendly and better adapted to the region’s demographic evolution.