Two new CMI boilers in service by 2016

Two new CMI boilers in service by 2016.

August 06th 2014

Thanks to its experience and qualifications in the Russian market, CMI Energy has won a contract with GE France to supply a two pressure level horizontal Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) to equip the power station at Kazan (Tatarstan), Russia. It will be located behind a GE 9HA01 gas turbine. This ASME and CE stamped cogeneration boiler is designed to provide steam for existing steam turbines at the largest plant for producing polymers in Russia. Special note:  This boiler is certified TR-CU (the new Customs Union regulations applicable in Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan). It will also be built under a sealed building due to the varying temperatures in Kazan, which can go from -47 degrees C to +38 degrees C. This new reference site places CMI Energy in a good position for acquiring new orders in Customs Union territory.

In addition, CMI Energy was awarded a contract with its Indian licensee Larsen & Tourbro to supply modules and drums for a CMI triple pressure plus reheat vertical boiler. It will be installed behind a Mitsubishi gas turbine in the combined cycle plant of Bheramara in Bangladesh (360 MW).