The Cockerill CT-CV (TM) Weapon System (advanced 105mm) successfully demonstrated its gun launched missile capability

June 14th 2010

CMI Defence presents in exclusivity at Eurosatory the Falarick 105, the new anti-tank guided missile launched from the Cockerill CV gun. It’s in Scotland that CMI has demonstrated the effectiveness and accuracy of the CT-CVTM Weapon System gun launched missile which confirms the positioning of this turret system as an advanced 105 mm, the benchmark in large calibre weapon systems.

This GLATGM ability increases even more the CT-CVTM Weapon System’s capability to provide modern armed forces with a fully effective response to demanding operational challenges.

It delivers immediate, precise and  lethal effects against a comprehensive set of targets at short and extended ranges, based on a balanced combination of conventional and smart tank munitions,  gun-launched missiles and heavy machine guns.

These effects are enhanced through a single auto-loaded  weapon  system  that  allows  the selective loading and firing of multiple ammunition options including gun-launched missiles, from under armour.

Co-developed with the State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch”, the Falarick 105 is a 105 mm calibre missile specifically designed to be launched from the Cockerill CV gun, itself a proprietary development by CMI Defence.

With its laser beam guidance system, the Falarick 105 is able to wipe out fixed & moving armoured targets, helicopters and fortifications at a distance of 5 kilometers. Its tandem hollow-charge warhead allows it to destroy targets under 550 mm of armour and behind ERA or their equivalent.

Its name refers to the falarica, a heavy javelin used by Iberians. Thanks to its long, thin iron head with a narrow sharp tip, it was an excellent armour-piercing weapon.


CMI Defence

As a weapon systems designer, producer and integrator, CMI is the technological leader in high firepower weapon systems for air-transportable light and medium weight armoured vehicles. Independently of any vehicle manufacturer, CMI offers systems with unequalled performances for mounting on a wide range of carriers.

Booth in Eurosatory: Hall 6, Booth G200


The State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch”

It is one of the leading designers of component parts of the aviation and antitank armament systems in Ukraine. The enterprise has developed over 40 types of the complex science intensive devices, including high-precision weapon systems and units used all over the world.