Safe drinking water supply systems: three energy self-sufficient installations for one of Kenya’s most densely populated regions

February 10th 2021

John Cockerill is proud to support the efforts of the Vihiga county by providing the technology required to deliver clean and safe water to those who need it.

As such, this project in a rural area and one of Kenya’s most densely populated regions, is to enhance the health conditions of the people of the county. It is supported by both, the Kenyan and Belgian governments.

Aside from improving and upgrading the water plants and the construction of new elevated steel tanks, the project also foresees the laying of new water supply lines that are to ensure a constant drinking water supply for the population of the county.

The modernization and expansion of the water supply systems to the towns of Maseno, Kaimosi and Mbale are running on clean electricity, using either hydro turbines or solar plants to generate the energy necessary to self-sufficiently run the installations and the related water pumping.

The three installations improved and upgraded by John Cockerill Environment’s Belgian entity, John Cockerill Balteau, are now ready to supply the population reliably with the needed drinking water, and will go on line as soon as the laying of the over 30 km water supply lines is finalized in the weeks to come.