Denapak industrial boiler for the Netherlands

Denapak industrial boiler for the Netherlands.

July 20th 2015

CMI Energy has signed a contract with E.ON Netherlands to supply a Denapak industrial boiler with a capacity of 220 t/h. This will be the largest industrial boiler ever built by CMI, the maximum capacity having previously been 130 t/h.

This Denapak industrial boiler will be fitted with an SCR (Selective Catalyst Reducer) system using ammonia, enabling the quantity of nitrogen oxide (NOx)  to be reduced. Its emissions levels will thus be very low: barely 30 mg of nitrogen oxide/Nm³ and 20 mg of CO/Nm³.

Installed on the E.ON Maasvlakte site (Netherlands), this boiler will serve as a back-up to cover breakdowns in the auxiliary boilers which supply steam to its neighbouring client, chemicals company Lyondell, or in a case of a problem with the1100 MW coal-fired power station..

This order is being executed by CMI Industrial Boilers, the Antwerp entity of CMI Energy.