CMI wins an order for a Nesa Solutions® Multiple Hearth Furnace (M.H.F.) with Pure Iron

December 21st 2011

Last month, CMI Industry inked a contract with Pure Iron (Armenia) for the design and supply of a new Nesa Solutions® Multiple Hearth Furnace (M.H.F.).  CMI Industry’s process expertise, the quality of its services and the M.H.F. expected yield have particularly attracted Pure Iron.

This Multiple Hearth Furnace will be dedicated to the treatment of Molybdenum, which is in particular used in high resistance alloys and high temperature steels. On its own, it will handle a quantity of Molybdenum equivalent to the set of the four furnaces currently in operation on Pure Iron’s Erevan (Armenia) site. The furnace is due to enter service at the beginning of 2013.